Utkala Renewable Energy Consultancy Agency (URECA)

Utkala Renewable Energy Consultancy Agency is a fully integrated specialist renewable energy solution. It is incorporated in Odisha on 5th September 2022 with a vision of developing entrepreneurs in Electrochemical Energy Harvesting systems.

Our goal is to make clean energy the dominant electricity source in India/Globe by uniting the power of solar, wind, storage, and transmission companies along with manufacturers and construction companies, developers and owners/operators, utilities, financial firms, and corporate purchasers in the clean energy value chain.

URECA gives a voice to the renewable power sector to speak at a time when renewable investments can help rebuild our economy and address climate change. By expanding homegrown renewable energy development, production, transmission, and storage, we can help make energy more reliable, affordable, and sustainable for families and businesses while lowering carbon emissions, creating jobs, and expanding economic opportunities for all.

Our ambition is to lead the way in engineering a sustainable world through the transition to a low carbon economy. We’re solving the problem of intermittent renewable energy through longer-duration grid-scale energy storage with our world-class management and advisory board, and international strategic partners.

In addition, we help our clients to understand emerging trends such as uptake of energy storage and demand side response and the impacts and opportunities for their business, and our expertise in consumer behaviour enables us to develop innovative approaches to consumer engagement and energy management for our clients.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at our mission or our job descriptions—it’s a core value. From our office space to our workplace culture, we embrace sustainability whenever and wherever possible.