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Knowledgebase Consultancy

While climate change has emerged as one of the major issues in the recent past, policymakers are trying to find ways towards sustainability. Consumption of fossil fuels is arguably one of the biggest contributing factors in this regard. It not only affects the atmosphere, but also has a severe impact on human/animal health. We all are aware of renewable energy sources, and how they are capable of providing us with an energy solution that seems almost endless and also can help us preserve the fast depleting traditional fossil fuels, except for the fact that they are intermittent in nature and require efficient storage mechanisms. Batteries (secondary) are the only commercially available option for energy storage, while there is another fast emerging concept which, along with batteries, is going to create a safe, effective and reliable energy storage framework. There are already a number of technology options and the market is developing fast, where our expert advisory on energy harvesting/storage technologies will assist you in getting key updates regarding new innovations and advancements. This will be crucial in moving with the appropriate technological aspects that would suit your application avenue.

As significant as the development of energy storage solutions is, for the electricity grid, energy harvesting and hydrogen fuel cells have also emerged as essential methods for e-mobility. Despite this, both the concepts, i.e., energy storage and energy conversion constitute an unfamiliar area for a sizable number of people from both academia and industries. We, at URECA, can help you inculcate important aspects of energy storage solutions as part of renewable integration projects, or for ancillary services to support distribution. Our broad range of services runs from understanding the fundamental aspects, generating key ideas for research and development at laboratory and industrial scale, testing and analysis, down-stream applications, and product testing. We can further provide support on economic assessments, technology evaluations and independent third-party testing and certification.

Technical Training

We have sound experience in guiding/mentoring under-graduate and graduate students, to develop their own ideas, carry out literature surveys, perform research activities related to energy storage/conversion, and fabricate lab-scale prototypes for further testing, and report compilation (short/long format). The detailed approach we take, for each of the mentioned sections would be furnished upon reasonable request.

We can extend similar support to academic as well as industrial personnels including post-graduate trainees, research scholars (particularly those who are working in the field of energy harvesting/storage), postdoctoral fellows and other professionals such as instructors, educators and technicians.